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Welcome to Arrow Professional Enterprises

Serving the healthcare industry since 1996. We support the success of value based provider groups and health plans by helping you develop the infrastructure that drives high quality and efficient services. We implement clinical data integration and clinical decision support applications, critical to value based care and population health management models. In addition to system development and implementation, we offer training on quality measures and risk scoring including MACRA, HCC, STARS and HEDIS as well as HIPAA Privacy/Security.

Learn more about the Arrow Professional Enterprise group through this site and related company web sites. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance for your healthcare organization.

Population Health & Clinical Decision Support Implementation Services
Integrating clinical data is the first step in improving patient management, the next step is to analyze the integrated data and apply evidence-based guidelines in order to improve patient outcomes and lower overall medical spend. Arrow has the experience with various population health management systems and clinical decision support programs and can assist in the successful implementation of such analytics. Many healthcare organizations fail to select the proper outcome management systems and suffer needless waste of time and resources. Arrow can assist in not only selecting the proper applications but work with healthcare providers to insure the systems are fully operational as well.
Value Based Contract Management Services
At Arrow, we understand the intricacies of accountable care organizations and value based contracting; both at the Medicare/Medicaid and commercial health plan level. We have helped nearly three hundred physician organizations and dozens of health plans create to execute value base contracts. Our work has saved health plans millions of dollars in annual medical spend and at the same time, improved patient outcomes by lowering hospital re-admissions, managing diabetic populations and identifying chronic kidney disease patients at an earlier stage or progression.
Arrow offers training and compliance programs for healthcare organization to educate and create action plans for implementation of various State and Federal regulations. Some of the more popular programs include:
  • Understanding HIPAA Privacy and Security protocols
  • Addressing CMS compliance for MACRA, Bundled Payments, Hierarchical Condition Categories and others
  • Maximizing HEDIS scores with improved data collection techniques
Training and Compliance Services