Arrow Professional Properties, LLC.

  Arrow Professional Properties, a Pennsylvania limited liability corporation, is the commercial real estate arm of the Enterprise.  Arrow Professional Properties has designed and developed properties for commercial use, mainly in the hospitality industry.  Design efforts include the use of renewable energy systems for electricity generation, geothermal systems for heating and air conditioning and computer controlled functions for maximum operating efficiency.


The Inn at Hickory Run


    The premier location developed and operated by Properties is the Inn at Hickory Run.  Located between the Lehigh Gorge and Hickory Run State Parks in the Western Poconos, the Inn is a 9600 square foot bed and breakfast facility.  Designed specifically as bed and breakfast the guest rooms are finished in various wood themes of the surrounding woods; cherry, oak, maple, birch etc.  Each guest room is complete with a fire place, entertainment center and private bath featuring whirlpool bathtubs.


The Birch Room at the Inn at Hickory Run


  Heating and air conditioning are provided by geothermal furnaces.  This closed-loop furnaces system utilizes the earth, which supports a below-frost line temperature of 54 degrees round and extracts heat from a series of underground pipes in the winter and returns heat to the ground in the summer time.  Additionally, hot water for the facility is pre-heated by the geothermal system in the summer time before the control fluid is re-circulated, thus providing additional efficiencies.


The Geothermal System

at the Inn at Hickory Run


    All lighting and electrical appliances are controlled via computer automated systems. These systems may be remotely monitored and control for maximum efficiency. The highlight of the environmental efforts at the Inn is a 6.6 WK wind turbine. In cooperation with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Harvest Program, the Inn has deployed a wind turbine electrical system.  The turbine rises nearly 100 feet above the mountain top property with a wing span diameter or 18 feet.  The wind turbine system generates about 50% of the Inn energy needs and is connected to the local power grid for net metering operations if more energy is produced than is needed for Inn operation.


The Wind Turbine

at the Inn at Hickory Run


    Other Arrow Professional Properties have included New Jersey office condominiums.  Future commercial properties are planned for the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania markets.

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